Saturday and Sunday dinner size only
We are now serving beer, wine and liquor

Price subject to change without notice

Lunch Dinner
Chicken, tofu or Veggies $7.25 $8.95
Beef, Shrimp, Scallops or imitation crabmeat $8.25 $9.95
N1. Pad Thai
(Sautéed rice noodle w/ green onions, egg, bean sprouts top w/ peanuts)
N2. Pad See-ew
(Sautéed rice noodles w/ egg, broccoli, & top w/ bean sprouts)
N3. Curry Noodles
(Sautéed rice noodles w/ egg green onions, bean sprouts in a curry sauce)
N4. Crazy Noodles
(Egg Noodles stir fried w/ egg, peapods, onions, carrots and bean sprouts)
N5. Drunken Noodle
(Sautéed wide rice noodles w/ egg, bell pepper, white onions & Thai basil leaves)
N6. House Special Noodles
Sautéed egg noodles w/ egg , carrot, pea pods, broccoli, bean sprout, water chestnut, chicken, beef & shrimp $10.50
Just w/ shrimp, Scallops or Imitation Crab $12.50
N7. Pad Thai Woonsene
(Transparent noodle w/ egg, bean sprouts and green onions top w/ crushed peanuts)
A Veggies, egg, nuts $1.00
Mixed Veggies, Chicken or Tofu $2.00
Shrimp, Scallops, Imitation Crabmeat or beef $3.00
White rice or Noodles $1.50
Appetizer Sauce $0.75
Sauce on the side $1.50
Extra beef, meatballs, tendon or tripe $2.50